How To Maintain Healthy Teeth

A healthy set of white teeth is an accessory that means a lot more than anything else. After all, there is a saying that a smile is the best accessory anyone could ever wear and for that you should be making all possible efforts to maintain that perfect smile and that starts from taking care of your teeth. So here are somethings you could do to take better care of your teeth.

Brush your teeth

It is rather natural for us to brush our teeth after we wake up in the morning, however what isn’t common is the practice of brushing before going to bed. Any dentist could completely agree with the many researches that prove not brushing your teeth before going to bed fosters the multiplication of bacteria which eventually leads to the decaying of your teeth. So, to avoid this make sure that you brush your teeth well before going to bed.

Brush right

Simply rubbing your toothbrush back and forth doesn’t count as brushing. If you don’t angle your brush to 45 and brush the inside and outside of your teeth, there really is no point in brushing. So make sure that you choose the right toothpaste and brush right. This way the next time you visit the best dental clinic the doc himself would be surprised at the bright and clean teeth you own!

Brush your tongue

When you are brushing, you should not only be focusing on the teeth but also your tongue as well. not brushing your tongue only causes more bacteria to form making all that effort of brushing your teeth pointless. So, when you are brushing make sure that you scrub off that plaque remaining on your tongue and make it its natural shade of pink.


Flossing is as equally important as brushing your teeth. Flossing isn’t only to remove those food remnants stuck in between but it is also to stimulate your gums, remove plaque and lower the inflammation in particular areas. So, make sure that you floss at least once a day.

Drink water

Drinking water in general is something that is recommended to be done regularly. Not only does it help your overall wellbeing but it also makes sure that you have a good oral hygiene. Drinking water also helps in flushing out those unwanted food remnants stuck between your teeth and this lowers the chances of suffering from cavities! Make sure that you also use a mouth wash in addition to brushing and flossing, as it too helps in maintaining a strong and healthy set of teeth and refreshing breath. So, consider the above tips and work on maintaining a good oral hygiene and strong teeth!

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