What You Should Consider Before Getting Your Eggs Frozen:

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This should not be new to you about how many women are now inclined towards getting their eggs frozen. And just because the flock of birds are heading towards this directions, does this mean you should too? Is even freezing eggs for you? So instead of just listening to the women who got hers done and is preaching you to get it done, we ask you to wait and consider are few points before getting your eggs freeze.

When is the time to get your eggs frozen?

What you should know is when you get your eggs frozen before the age of 30 that is when the highest live birth rate is expected to be. It is obviously the quality of your eggs and its fertility. But on average, women get their eggs frozen when they are of 37 years of age, whereas, few also get it done in their 40s. So even when people say get your eggs frozen while you are young, do not fall for that when you are in your twenties. We should suggest before you hit 36, you can get you eggs frozen.

While you can get your eggs frozen while you are in your twenties to make sure you preserve a good quality of eggs which obviously land you having high rate of live birth, however, what you should know is even in your twenties you do not need to go through your procedure.

Did you know you can store your eggs for ten years only

Now this is another reason why you shouldn’t think of freezing your eggs while you are in your twenties, because, even ten years from then, you will still be naturally fertile. However, by law you can store only till 10 year but it can also go upto 50 years as well, given you prove that you are prematurely infertile.

Do not Consider that All Clinics are Equal

When choosing for a clinic that can provide you with egg freezing service, it is always recommended to go for a clinic who are open to share their success live birth rate with you with respect to patient age. This will give you the confidence of knowing which clinic has enough experience and will show you results. Do not just randomly pick out a clinic because you read few reviews about it or the website and clinic seemed so fancy. Here you should be looking for average success rate with respect to your age, since that average will give you a fair idea how your case would unfold as. Clinics who fail to provide you with these facts and figures, it becomes pretty evident that either they are new, or they do not have much experience. Of course, we recommend you to always consider checking out the clinic that has been recommended to you by a women who has experienced a successful live birth.

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